We are in top center
24 street Krupówki next to McDonald's
We are in top center of Zakopane -  nasze logo – Krupowki 24 street next to McDonald's
We are in top center of Zakopane - nasze logo – Krupowki 24 street next to McDonald's
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Top Hostel – is a newly discovered place at the foot of the Tatras. Excellent localization. Cozy, cheap rooms for everyone
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Top Hostel Krupówki 24 Krupówki Street You are cordially invited!

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We welcome you with a kind word, wonderful mountain views, highland hospitality as well as a tasty oscypek and healthy fruit liqueur.

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Magnificent, home-like atmosphere, a great deal of attractions, ideal place for rest…
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If the apartment is a kitchen?
The family apartment kitchen is at your disposal, in a sunny apartment is a fully equipped kitchenette. Other rooms have no kitchen

Where you can have breakfast or dinner?
Krupówki find a full array of restaurants and places of places where you can always eat a good or an exquisite meal.

Why Krupówki are famous?
Krupówki Street is already a legend. Anyone who visits Zakopane necessarily have to come here for a walk to watch the itinerant musicians, actors troupe, conjurers and sellers of soap bubbles. Krupowki this street theater: buzzing, blaring languages ​​of countries around the world, and the familiar smells: sheep cheese from the grill (with cranberries or not, whatever you like). Krupowki are the commercial heart of Zakopane. Galleries, souvenir shops, luxury boutiques everyone here is something for everyone.

What to see Krupówki?
All. But the best first without a special order just wander around the Krupówki. Then you can visit the Tatra Museum, and watch old photos and historical objects from the mountain folklore. Enter for a moment of reflection on tiny old cemetery on Pęksowy Brzyzek. Then visit the local market under Gubałówką. Where to buy oscypki, unsalted sheep cheese, marinated mushrooms and honey from local apiaries. Then enter cableway on Gubalowka that traditionally lie on leżaczku overlooking the most beautiful Tatra Mountains. And at the end of the day - to compensate for the mood - a nostalgic drink coffee in the EU (this is the only place in Zakopane probably has not changed in 40 years). For evening dances above-mentioned one of the many clubs better make a reservation.

Where can you go skiing?
The unique location allows quick and easy access to the ski lifts. It takes just a few minutes to get to Ronda Kuźnicki where the road leads to the cable car to Kasprowy Mountain. Look out for the slopes on Glade Szymoszkowa and at the Nosal. The queues at Gubalówka just a few minutes walk away.

Where can you go on a mountain trip?
It is also a dream location for hiking in the mountains. Just 15 minutes walk from the apartment entrance to the Tatra National Park. There start hiking trails Way Regle in Strążyska Valley, White Valley and further on all the highest peaks of the Tatra Mountains.

How to get to the apartment Krupówki 24?
To the apartment Krupówki 24 carries easily accessible from the railway and bus stations. 50 meters from the entrance there is a taxi rank, and 100 meters further secure parking. Due to the nature of the street closed during the day for traffic, the easiest ride to the entrance of the apartment Krupówki24 before the 10th hour in the morning or after 22 this evening. Otherwise you have to park your car 50 meters from the entrance to the apartment.

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